Northern Ireland’s North Coast Smokehouse 

Our smoked goods are handcrafted and produced in small batches, in the picturesque little coastal town of Ballycastle. Each batch is individually and lovingly monitored by us.

Our smoke is produced the old fashioned way, by simply burning small quantities of wood. We don’t use liquid-smokes, paints or dyes. Our wonderful flavours and colours come from just the right combination of cure, smokiness, temperature, time and fresh sea air.


Influential Irish food writers John and Sally McKenna have described our salmon and salt as:

"...fine, true artisan foods: taste them once, and you want them in your life." 

See what else the McKennas' Guides have to say about us at: 

Endorsement from NI's own Paula McIntyre:

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High praise of our salmon in the Belfast Telegraph by regular restaurant reviewer Joris Minne, in a review of Harry's Shack at Portstewart beach:

"...The salmon is exceptional, especially considering this is a newcomer from nearby Ballycastle. I tried a small piece a few weeks ago and would dare to put it up beside Walter Ewing's."

Smoked Salmon
Smoked Sea Salt