Smoked Black Pepper 35g (zip lock pouch - facilitating socially distant postage)

Smoked Black Pepper 35g (zip lock pouch - facilitating socially distanced postage)

Cracked Black Pepper gently cold-smoked over beech wood for hours. No anti-caking agents or additives.


    Grind or sprinkle a little over any dish to give it a subtly smoky peppery bite. Fantastic on risottos and pasta dishes, especially with shaved parmesan.

    Rub cracked pepper on roasts - meat, fish or vegetables. Some people say they wouldn’t eat steak without it now they’ve tried it! You can use it instead of other pepper in your cooking.

  • Covid-19

    We have switched to using zip lock pouches for our smoked pepper and smoked sea salt as they can be posted through a post box without the need for visits to the post office, thereby facilitating social distancing.

    We will continue to offer zip lock pouches in the future - and are working on their design...these plain ones with the 'jar' label are a temporary solution!

    Bear with us please. Thank you!


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