Smoked Dulse (Seaweed) 7.5g (tube)

Smoked Dulse (Seaweed) 7.5g (tube)

Smoked Dulse (Seaweed) 7.5g (tube)


Dulse seaweed from the waters around Rathlin Island and the North Coast gently cold-smoked over beech wood and milled for your convenience. Nothing else added. 


    Our smoked dulse is often used by chefs to give their chowder a special edge, and celebrity chef Paula McIntyre uses it to make an intriguing smoked dulse mayonaise.

    The dulse is delicious simply sprinkled over salads, fish, eggs, vegetables, or any meal really! We enjoy it on good sourdough bread and butter. You can add it to stews, soups and casseroles to add flavour and act as a thickener. 


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