Health Information

Smoked Salmon and Health

Smoked salmon is a healthy food, high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are associated with a reduced rate of heart disease, lower risk of arthritis, improved cardiovascular health and improved cognitive function. 

We use organic salmon

We use top quality local Glenarm Organic Salmon. Glenarm salmon are reared according to the standards set out by the Organic Food Federation, and the operation is audited annually to make sure those standards are maintained.

The salmon are fed on natural and organic ingredients from sustainable sources, free from GMOs, from a local certified organic feed mill.

They have more room to swim than those in conventional , and their quality is so good that no antibiotics or medicines are used to treat disease or parasites endemic to wild salmon. (See - Organic Salmon

Salt content

Some people are concerned about the amount of salt that might be in smoked salmon, as salt is used in the curing process. Our hot-smoked (smoke-roasted) salmon contains less than half of the amount of salt normally found in traditional cold-smoked salmon. 

This is because our hot-smoking process kills bacteria through cooking the salmon to the right temperature to kill bacteria, whereas cold-smoked salmon relies on a high-salt content added during the curing process to reduce bacteria and act as a preservative. 

While we do cure our salmon with a mix of sea salts and raw sugars, we do not need to use as much salt as the cold-smokers. And, each of our small batches is individually monitored, to ensure the correct temperatures are reached for your safety. (See -